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Singapore Art studio specialized in ceramic

Arudio is an art studio which specialized in ceramic founded in Singapore, Woodlands



ARUDIO is an art studio located in Woodlands, Singapore. We run workshops on different mediums and disciplines such as ceramics, drawing, painting, and printmaking for the general public.

Our humble studio was founded by Poh Sin Yong, a professionally trained ceramic artist in 2014. He aspires to support the art community of Singapore through providing arts to the public and job opportunities to local artists.

In ARUDIO, we believe that everyone is bestowed with the gift of creation and creativity. Every human being is born with a mind filled with unlimited imagination and a strong desire to create. Children are observed to play with their immobile toys and create story plot fueled by nothing but their imaginations. As we grow, we are blinded by the society’s demand of practicality and the rush for anything and everything. For that, we hid the child in us, the child who was once, filled with the unlimited creative potential in creation.

Join us in ARUDIO and let us unleash the creativity and the power of creation in you.