An Affordable Pottery class


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Trial course for wheel throwing

Introduction to the fundamental of centering the clay on the wheels

Make a small vessel on the throwing wheels

$50 ( inclusive of material, glaze and firing charges) 

Duration: 1hour 30 mins 

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Trial course for

Ceramic hand building course

Introduction to Ceramic (hand building)

Make a Mug/ Bowl sessions

$55 (Inclusive of material and firing charges)

 Couple workshop

(hand building)

Make 2 Mugs or  Bowls or vases 

$100 (Inclusive of material and firing charges)

Duration: 1hour 30 mins

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trial course for still life painting 

Audio provides Acrylic and Oil painting still-life course.

Basic still life painting

Will emphasize on colour and light-Dark (Chiaroscuro). Learn to isolate, identify and recreate the colour to paint a dramatic still life painting in different light sources.

$35 ( inclusive for material and small canvas 30x11cm)

Duration: 1 hour 30mins